How to Use the Task Manager on a Asus UL30

How to Use the Task Manager on a Asus UL30
The Windows Task Manager is used primarily to administrate programs on a Asus UL30 and is usually accessed by pressing the key “CTRL,” “ALT” and “DEL” keys together.
1. Delete “the using file”
Sometimes we will encounter such a situation, to delete a file system prompt “this file is used, can’t delete”, eliminate the cause of the virus often we reset the computer can be deleted. In fact, don’t need to restart, as long as we end explorer the process in task manager again after the new explorer, you can delete the file.
2. Use the task manager in Antivirus
In the Task Manager’s Processes tab, click on the menu “View” “Select Columns” in the pop-up dialog box check PID (Process Identifier) and the image path. If we find that there is an unknown program extraordinarily high CPU utilization process, it is a virus. It’s the end of the process tree.
3. Solve the system of suspended animation
In the process of using Asus UL30, always meet in suspended animation. In fact, we do not have to reboot the Asus UL30, just to end the Explorer process in task manager and reconstruction of explorer process, the computer will well.
4. Fast shutdown, restart
Just open the task manager, select menu “shutdown”, “close”, at the same time, hold down the CTRL key, in less than 1 second you’ll find out Asus UL30 has shut down. Similarly, if in the “off” menu select “restart”, can be quickly restart.