How to Reboot a Asus VivoBook S300CA Back to Factory

How to Reboot a Asus VivoBook S300CA Back to Factory Settings
A computer’s operating system can become unstable or inaccessible. These steps will help you to get back the factory settings without a problem. You should also restore the factory settings on your Asus VivoBook S300CA if you plan on selling it or giving it to a family member or friend. You will lose any files you had like pictures, music and word documents.
Each computer manufacturer has a special key you have to hit when you power on the computer. Here are some of the keys,
HP and Compaq desktops use F10
E Machines and Gateway PC use F11
Toshiba laptop F12
Sony PC F10
IBM and Lenovo F11
1.Remove any external hardware devices from your Asus VivoBook S300CA.
2.Turn on your Asus VivoBook S300CA. Press the special key. It will open the Asus VivoBook S300CA restore wizard.
3.Click “Restore” in the Asus VivoBook S300CA restore wizard. This will generate a warning prompt.
4.Click “Confirm”. This will open a “Progress” window. When the restore is complete, a confirmation message will be displayed. Click “Finish” to complete the process.

Most computers come with either a recovery CD/DVD or a recovery partition that is hidden on the computer. Use the CD Restore Factory Settings.
1.Transfer all of the files you want to keep to a memory.
2.Put the Restore Factory Settings CD into the CD drive.
3.Confirm you want to restore the factory settings. It will take several hours.
4.Reboot the Asus VivoBook S300CA to complete the process.