How To Protect Your Asus UX31E In Summer

How To Protect Your Asus UX31E In Summer
Want to use your laptop in the heat of the summer? Here are some tips for doing it without damaging your laptop.
1.Work where its as cool as possible.
Try to locate your Asus UX31E in a cool room. Be sure to keep the room’s ventilation while using laptop computer. Good ventilation makes good notebook cooling. Keep your Asus UX31E a few inches away from the wall. And keep draperies and other fabrics away from computer, especially near vents. Sweat and oil corrosion your Asus UX31E shell. Plastic shell looks uneven color, appear ugly spots. We regularly use of high concentration of alcohol or special cleaning agent cleaning Asus UX31E shell.
2. To turn off your Asus UX31E during thunderstorms.
If your Asus UX31E is plugged into a wall socket that’s switched on, even when it’s in standby or sleep mode, it’s vulnerable. That’s because the lightning current can travel through the power cord or any other cable connected to your computer. If you think a storm is coming, you should physically disconnect your Asus UX31E from the mains socket to protect it from a lightning surge.
3. Keep your Asus UX31E drying
Try to maintain good indoor ventilation, drying. Far away from air-condition, when using the Asus UX31E. And dont use it near the window. To keep the laptop bag dry, add desiccant inside. You should turn on your Asus UX31E every day. The high temperature generate by computer to disperse moisture, to keep dry.